Alan Greenberg and his impact in “Apple” speaking at KosICT

Former Director of Apple Education EMEA, then Asia between 2004-2009, Alan Greenberg has become one of the most prominent figures to digital technologies in education and business sector. Whilst at Apple EMEA Alan managed the development of Podcasting in a collaboration with University of Lyon and HEC Business school, then the supporting Podcast Producer initiative, and was an instrumental figure in EdTech enabling teachers to customize class experiences by using iPads. Shaped the launch of iTunes U in Europe, as tools to enhance and improve teaching. Whilst in Asia he managed the launch, deployment and adoption of Apple iTunes Asia, and the iTunes Developer University Program which invited Universities to teach SDK Coding in their institutions, leading to the first iteration of the Apple APP Store. Alan also led and project managed Apple’s CSR project SEED, a collaboration between Apple, Foxconn and Pearson that continues today.

Alan’s strategies in education technologies and mission driven businesses have grown into work in different professional fields such as consultancy, Venture Capital, marketing strategies etc. His engagement with many international companies has helped him build strategic partnership around the world whilst building his portfolio with a variety of companies in London, Berlin, Beijing, Palo Alto and New York.

Throughout his professional experience, Alan has identified and promoted multiple disciplines including fundraising, business strategy and platform, international engagement, channel partnerships and content development shown that he remains an outstanding figure for his contribution in the society. Recognized for his engagement and leadership skills, Alan managed to become a mentor at Microsoft Ventures and WAYRA Accelerators and has supported The Duke of York’s iDEA project, London. Alan is also a prominent member of The Advisory Board to The 8GT Fund.

Alan is a passionate person in education, trying to bring structure, mature and grow early stage investment in education and healthcare start-up businesses. Greenberg extraordinary set of mind and understanding has made him one of the early pioneers of the EdTech, while magnifying his contribution in education and healthcare business technologies.

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