Amy Cosper coming to KosICT to meet the local entrepreneur rockstars

Article written by Rita Vula (@ritavula)
Amy Cosper is the vice president and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Media Inc., also known as one of the most outstanding entrepreneurial figures in the world. As an entrepreneur, speaker and writer, Ms. Cosper’s mission is to spread the word on the power and promise of entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Cosper’s decision to start her own media consulting business, positively influenced her further career development. Previously, she served as Vice President of Business Development of WiesnerMedia’s, where she followed and evaluated new business plans, ventures and partnerships to assist in expanding the company’s portfolio. Named Fast Company’s “25 Smartest Women on Twitter”, Amy has served as a great leader with a vision to create a long lasting innovative change in the world. Ms. Cosper many times has expressed her believes that entrepreneurialism is not only the idea of owning a business, but rather an opportunity to create something from nothing in any capacity.

Ms. Cosper sharing her views on Storytelling

Cosper’s journalism journey began while getting herself involved in the field of technology. Her experience as a reporter in Israel, Norway, Brazil, Luxembourg, Paris and London enabled her to get exposed in a variety of activities such as broadband, broadcasting and satellites. Her innovative attitude shows her believes in creating and disrupting an industry and economy, while laying the foundation for the future and disrupting the known. Furthermore, her journalism roots in the tech world, helped her infuse cutting-edge ideas into Entrepreneur. Today, in addition to print subscribers, Entrepreneur gets six to eight million unique visitors a month reading the magazine and accessing additional content and resources for entrepreneurs. Over the last few years, Ms. Cosper has witnessed and gave voice to successes and failures in business, reflecting the mindset of a determined and successful entrepreneur. Amy believes that in the world of entrepreneurship, “on the other side of your fear is your success;” showing her in-depth understanding of how to drive a business idea forward with passion and creativity.

Amy has become a missioner for the global entrepreneurship, as one of the most prominent speakers keynoting and judging at events, such as: Disrupt Athens in Greece, the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, ShiftSplit in Croatia, and Global Entrepreneur Network Conference in Milan. In addition to her experience on entrepreneurship, she is often asked to provide insights on a variety of subjects in different field such as in economics, social media optimization, broadcasting, the Internet, VC strategies, media, online profiling and user behaviors, and content strategies. Ms. Cosper’s expertise in technology, and her extensive knowledge in new media, highlights her prominent leadership and entrepreneurial potentials. Currently, she has left the magazine in order to focus on writing a book about the entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, where KosICT and Kosovo are her next destination.

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