Carl Dawson – Bridging the Gap between Education and Recruitment at KosICT16

Carl Dawson, the Co-Founder and current CEO of Proversity, can look back at 12 years of valuable experience in recruiting and training graduates within a range of well-known companies (e.g. Rolls-Royce, BP and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in British Politics & Legislative Studies from the University of Hull and built his professional career on the two streams of education and recruitment.

Drawing upon this experience, Carl took the initiative to combine these two streams and founded in 2011. is a mobile learning platform with the focus on the recruitment and development of talents. Its aim is to serve as a “Digital University” for Governments, Employers, Professional Bodies and Educators in order to act as the hub of a Global Professional Development Gateway.

Positioning itself as a Full-Service E-Learning & Development Partner, Proversity offers a range of services in the fields of Learning Experience Design and In-House Production, including Pre-Production, Filming-Post, Authoring, and Quality Check. With this integrated approach, Proversity is able to help companies in the design and implementation of learning activities throughout the entire process of development.

The unique combination of these competencies enables Proversity to combine engaging content with stunning motion graphics and visual effects, which in turn helps to increase the interactive engagement of individuals. Overall, Proversity’s digital offering is aimed at enabling professionals to enhance their know-how and reach the next stage in their career.

Being located in London, Boston, and Cape Town, Proversity had initial success in countries with established E-Learning industries like the UK and the US. However, Carl also recognized the potential of digital educational programs for emerging markets in particular and is now aiming to expand globally.

We are happy to welcome him at the KosICT Conference and benefit from his exceptional experience in the field of EdTech!

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