Cryptelo – no more cyber attacks!

Cryptelo in the beginning was a startup that focused on security storage, data encryption and data security. It is an ambitious project with a bright future since the big players haven’t tackled this kind of problem. Originated in Czech Republic, it became communities’ favorite provider for the reason that it offers high class protection on all cyber attacks, also including physical penetration. The brain behind this startup is a man called Martin Baros. He will be part of this year’s KosICT conference (, to talk more about his company and the future plans.

But who is Martin Baroš? Security enthusiast with passion for cryptography. Martin has a strong technology background based on 13 years of professional experience as a software developer, team leader and key account manager in projects with Accenture, Wüstenrot and AirBank. His personal experience taught him about the importance of security. Years ago he had an unpleasant experience that led him to the idea in creating Cryptelo. At the conference he will share this experience and many more with us.

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