EA Sports- it’s in the game.

EA Sports, it’s in the game… sounds familiar? Well, let’s also get familiarized with the person staying behind this most memorable gaming moment- Jeff Burton.
At a time when the power of digitalization and computing was increasing, Jeff teamed up with his former classmates to create the renowned Electronic Art Company. As a startup that pursues investors, they came up with an internal video discussing their visions, goals, and the way EA would impact peoples’ lives. The main goal of the company was to make people experience a whole new feeling about computers, make them emotionally attached to them. Sure, they had no idea where this was going to take them, but since they bloomed, the gaming industry was never the same again. We are pleased to welcome him in this year’s KosICT conference and tell us more about his story and his experience, and how all this experience led him into investing in new things that will change the way we feel about technology.
Fast forward to the era of virtual and augmented reality. Sounds familiar? Well, still Jeff Burton talk. The passion about technology never let Jeff stop on games and startups. He co-founded HolodeckVR, a Munich based company with a goal to radically transform how digital and virtual 3D content is being produced and consumed. Virtual Reality is not being left behind, in fact startups are concentrated into VR gaming more than ever as it’s pretended to be the future.

Talking about startups Jeff was also one of the former CEO of UC Berkeley’s start-up accelerator “Skydeck”, which is one of the most innovative and influential accelerator experiences and is dedicated to fostering excellence in entrepreneurship through the development of confident founders.
It seems like Jeff never wants to stop investing in the future of gaming. It will be a world so wild that everybody wants to visit it and with Jeff Burton as a co-founder and his experience, the expectations are that everybody wants to live in it because in the end like Maya Angelou said: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Written by: Shpat Dushi, STIKK

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