From knowledge economy to people economy.

Remember in the 20th century when industrial economy evolved into knowledge economy? Some of us might and some not. But there is no issue to go into that, because in our modern time we have another transition and knowledge economy shifted to human economy. When industrial economy made people leave their farms for factories; the knowledge economy sent them from factories to office buildings. And in the office buildings the human economy takes part, where companies invest in brains and no longer in hands. To talk more about these interesting shifts Delyan Lilov will share his knowledge and professional experience in this year’s KosICT conference (

Delyan Lilov is the founder and the CEO of Musala Soft JSC for more than 17 years. His experience, professionalism and business views lead Musala Soft as a reliable, prestigious and long-term partner for innovative and trendsetting enterprises such as: Deutsche Telekom, IBM, SAP, ESG, VMware, Visa, DSK Bank, OTP Group, KBC, DZI, Commerzbank, Generali, ect.

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