Heinrich Prokop and Marloes Voermans – Supporting the Establishment of New Creative Startups at KosICT16

Heinrich Prokop and Marloes Voermans are two prominent figures in the world of startups and business structures. While Heinrich is well-known for his outstanding track record in international business and as investor in start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses, Marloes is intensely involved in business management, sales, and growth and analytics.

Likewise, she is very interested in helping new businesses in developing their ideas and connecting them and making introductions to the right people. Additionally, Marloes brings a creative and hands-on approach to Clever Clover and its start-ups. Precisely, Clever Clover is a business accelerator founded by Heinrich and Marloes with the mission to support innovative ideas and new business models.
She states “I really enjoy helping our startups establish and develop their company’s personality, perspective, and reason for being, using whatever means are at their disposal to help them achieve both their creative and sales direction.”

Throughout her career, Marloes has proved her ability to develop strategic segments on the early stage development of start-ups, through understanding scopes projects, connecting them with decision makers and influences across industries. On the other hand Heinrich besides his commitment to startups he has been actively involved in the industry of manufacturing, food, supply chain and retail.

For years, he has given his contribution in finance management while operating for the direct investment portfolio. Heinrich and Prokop have actively generated engagement among start-ups and growing companies, while stimulating new strategic management and value creation. Both of the figures have shown a significant impact in their path to stimulate new and existing companies to be competitive and in the meantime successful. They have grown to be compelling leaders in financial management, sales strategy, and overall business development.

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