Being the host of the 5th edition of the KosICT Tech Festival, Kosovo’s capital Prishtina will speak all sorts of tech languages during the weekend of the 28th and 29th October. In 2011, KosICT started as a regional conference with the aim to bring state-of-the-art technology topics to Kosovo and South Eastern Europe, while also promoting the engagements of regional companies and organizations in this field. Over 50 speakers and more than 1,000 participants enriched this conference throughout the last years, which was a clear signal that the time has come for something bigger.
This time, KosICT is expanding and features a range of exciting business and entertainment events, thereby becoming a platform for all kind of companies and people who are fascinated by technology. Besides having globally prominent speakers on the five main topics: Digital Marketing, Start-ups and Funding, Big Data, EdTech, and eSports, KosICT introduces the SEE Outsourcing & Start-ups fair, an eSports Championship and KosICT Nights. The variety of the hosted events offers something for everyone.

Business person/investor
As a business person or investor, both the start-ups and outsourcing fair might be of interest for you. At these fairs you can find well-trained, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial IT Specialists in the fields of Software Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development etc. You will have the opportunity to talk with representatives of regional start-ups about their innovations and see whether an investment could be an intelligent move for bringing ideas forward. At the outsourcing fair, the companies which will exhibit their products are specialized and experienced in providing extremely cost-efficient Agile Nearshoring Services for the U.S. and Western European market. The combination of both fairs makes KosICT a unique opportunity for you to reach out to regional IT companies and discuss potential business opportunities and partnerships for the future.

Financial help is always welcome in developing countries. As a donor you can find many possibilities to donate your funds to projects which have a crucial impact on the long-term development of the regions digital ecosystem.

Governmental Representative
As a governmental representative you will gain the opportunity to inform yourself about the digital ecosystem of South Eastern Europe and see how the IT sector helps to promote economic empowerment across different industries and countries in the Balkans. You can get to know leading IT companies and discuss major benefits and challenges that they encounter in terms of legislation, tax regulations, export procedures etc. In addition, you can meet representatives of international organizations which continuously support the development of the digital ecosystem of the region and discuss ongoing as well as future projects with them. Main media outlets will also be present and several speeches will be held by leading politicians in the region.

Being a developer or a student means that you face the necessity to continuously look for learning opportunities which enhance your knowledge. KosICT offers a range of discussion panels, workshops and specific presentations on technical and business-related topics. Beyond that, you can benefit from the experiences and ideas that our speakers share with you during their presentations.

In this year, KosICT introduces an eSports Championship in CS:GO. Since our announcement months ago, this event has attracted many participants of successful CS:GO teams. As a gamer you can not only participate in this championship, but also listen to speeches from managers of the famous Electronic Sports League (ESL) and keep yourself updated about the eSports scene in the region.

See where you fit in and get your tailored tickets by registering on our website to be part of an event that electrifies and brings together all important stakeholders of the IT scene in the region! In case you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact to us.
Further information on speakers and topics can be found on our website.

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