Mark Turrell – Ultimate path to entrepreneurial success

Public speaker, Entrepreneur and Strategist Mark Turrel was born Toronto, Canada while he lived most his life in England, as well as large stints in Paris, Berlin, Boston and San Francisco. Mark is the founder and CEO of Orcasci, a strategy and marketing agency specializing in designing programs that ‘spread’ products, services, ideas and behaviors.


Mark is a passionate global speaker, working on the topics of crowdsourcing, technology and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Mark is the co-founder of Imaginatik, a firm that pioneered the use of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing techniques for corporations, with a special focus on innovation. He has generated engagement with hundreds of global companies with a mission to help them design and implement enterprise innovation programs. His clients have included Allianz, Pfizer, Whirlpool, Yahoo!, Xerox etc.

Previously, Mark has been part of Young Global Leaders program held in Harvard University, a program designed for members YGL community of the World Economic Forum. Known for his sophisticated millennial mindset, Mark was nominated as a Technology Pioneer, showing a significant impact on technology innovation. Through his technology journey, Mark has constantly demonstrated visionary leadership in the categories of IT, New media, Energy Environment and Life Sciences.


He is a dedicated adviser/consultant of start-up and growing companies, with the aim to stimulate innovation and value creation. Mark strategy to solve problems, capture ideas, develop business plans has fostered significantly his impact in the way business and society operates.

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