The Rise of Emotionally AI

Insofar being emotionally intelligent is a purely human trait, apparently, we still lack its mastery in real life situations. Our present and past, cultural background, upbringing, everyday life experiences are honed by emotions and feelings, which constitute us in the universal organic interplay. If this interplay is to be seen as an organic flow of algorithms, then what are the chances of recreating such algorithms out of the inorganic realm? In other words, what are the possibilities for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to exceed our own abilities to understand, control and express emotions? To give some more food for thought and to bring to the table the power of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to surpass our capabilities for emotional intelligence, Mikko Alasaarela will elaborate further in this year’s KosICT conference (

Alasaarela is the Founder and CEO of Inbot. His mission is to help AI companies to grow faster globally. Prior to Inbot, Mikko founded 6 startups in various areas of technology, and invested in a handful with 4 exits to date. Mikko was born in Finland, and has lived and built startups in Helsinki, London, San Francisco and currently in Berlin.

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