The Rise of the Cyborg Tech Lead

Ben Pitman Director of Engineering Consultancy Kin + Carta

Navigating the Investor Landscape: Securing Funding and Effective Investor Communication

Panel Discussion Viktoriia Savitska – Peaceinvest AnaMaria Meshkurti – Principal, Unorthodox Ventures Manuel Barreiro Castañeda – Chairman and Founder, Aston Group Osman Rraci – Associate, EBRD

Unmasking Cyber Threats: How Artificial Intelligence Fuels Advanced Phishing Attacks as a Gateway to Corporate Environments

Panel Discussion Moderator: Kujtim Kryeziu – CEO, Sentry Cybersecurity & Defense Arian Sheremeti – Cybersecurity and Privacy Manager, PwC Daniel Bohanon – Principal Security Researcher, Permiso Security Egxona Ferati – Cybersecurity Expert, CIDR (Kosovo) Lulëzon Jagxhiu – Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology 

Generative AI in the Real World: Practical Applications of Large Language Models

Fatos Ismali Senior Data & AI Solutions Architect Microsoft