Innovation Fair



LUA’s mission is to bring more eco-friendly technology to agriculture, reducing pollution and costs, increasing field and plant health and enabling farmers to monitor their crop over and over again even without being physically there.

Mercury Robotics

Mercury Robotics is focused in the manufacturing of industrial automation devices for the ultimate goal of precision and efficiency in production. Using advanced technologies, these devices offer solutions to meet the requirements of manufacturers even in exceptional times such as lack of manpower, pandemics and long working hours.


Pika is a price and qualities comparison platform build specifically for the Albanian Community. It helps user save money and time while buying online. This will all be made possible with our high-end technology that scrapes the web and helps users find, compare and choose the product they desire with just a few clicks.

Stress Free Corner is an online resource to facilitate the provision of psychological and therapeutic support, accessible to all, at any time and with a holistic approach, hence contributing to physical and mental well-being. Stress-Free Corner is focused on body-oriented psychotherapy and counseling psychology.
Your Appropriate Stress-Management Platform!


Udhë has the largest carpooling community in Kosovo with over 15,000 members. Udhë is a platform that aims to find an empty seat filled with good company for everyone. The app offers a free method of travel which is made possible through connecting different people with the same destination.

Get Fast Cast provides an innovative platform, where producers, directors and photographers can easily find their role for specific casting Projects. Get Fast Cast in nearly one year implemented around 60 local and international casting Projects.

Sakushton is a digital platform that is specialized in market research and pricing in Kosovo. The platform does analysis and research in the market in the constant effort to make the information as accurate as possible.

Nerdy Creative is a software development company specialized in digital solutions. We help clients solve problems by creating, designing, and maintaining brands, websites, and apps. The team works with startup businesses, individuals, organizations, and enterprises from various industries, helping them create and launch products that are used by millions of customers around the world.


GoBeyond aims to tackle the global protein dilemma. Land is limited and by 2030, we will have a global deficit of 60,000,000 tons of protein, which is needed for feed and food. New protein sources are required. Insects are predicted to be a promising alternative. The goal is to achieve a monthly production volume of 15 tons of high quality and zero-waste insect protein by 2027 trough continuous research, the development of industrialized processes and technology kits giving farmers access to a new agricultural segment.

RRITU E MËSO platform aims to educate and entertain children. Considering the digitization of activities and children’s access to technology, RRITU E MËSO provides safe content, at the same time, educational and entertaining. Let’s grow while learning through games.

Labbox is a learning system of electronic building blocks, designed to empower every kid to learn how technology works. The electronic blocks of Labbox are designed to enable learning from mistakes and so provide an increased opportunity for kids and youngsters to learn and build with technology. With Labbox kids can build anything from a flashlight to a smart machine that knows its surrounding.

Pyper is a research company operating in Kosovo and overseas. Given the lack of data for a successful market presence and access, Pyper provides qualitative and quantitative data for businesses operating in the market as well as those waiting to penetrate it. Pyper helps companies develop based on reliable data and not on intuition.

Lifestylediagnostix is developing lifestyle screening systems to help people manage their health and reduce the risk of several diseases or negative health outcomes. Lifestylediagnostix offers measures to prevent the disease while being healthy by testing without side effects.