As an early stage start-up, GoBeyond is striving to harness the nutritional power of insects for the future of food and animal feed. It uses organic side- and waste streams to bio-convert them into high quality protein and natural fertilizer. This process is designed to mitigate climate change effects and as a Zero-Waste approach fully integrates into a circular-economy environment.

Nerdy Creative is a software development company specialized in digital solutions. They help clients solve problems by creating, designing, and maintaining brands, websites, and apps. They work with startups, individuals, organizations, and enterprises from various industries, helping them create and launch products that are used by millions of customers around the world.

Cloud my Business

CloudMyBusiness is a software development company focused on creating in-house products for the car industry.Currently CloudMyBusiness has two products:VeCheck is an innovative vehicle health check platform. It is subscription based, used by auto services as a web application and mobile app. VeCheck helps businesses grow their sales and build a strong connection with their customers. CloudMyCar is a subscription based digital product for the car care industry. Car care companies use this product, as a web application and mobile app to manage all of their work.

Biotech Agriculture

Biotech Agriculture is an innovative start up company that operates in South Europe, Kosovo. We automate different kind of agriculture processes.Currently we have two products on the market: Smart Greenhouse and Smart Irrigation system.

Kosovo Glass Recycling

Kosovo Glass Recycling is to the date the only company in Kosovo dealing with glass waste. Founded in 2019, the company’s main mission is to ensure sustainable employment through recycling and upcycling.Some of their products include: terazzo tiles, glass cullet, pool filtration glass media, sand blasting media, interior and exterior elements like tables and countertops, artisan handmade products. KGR employs six people at their location in Gjakova and is working on increasing collection and processing capacities throughout Kosovo.

AutoNet LLC is a company established in September 2019 by the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Kosovo and is supported by Innovation Centre Kosovo- ICK. With the newest technology, we provide online auto auction marketplace that allows companies and individuals from Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia to bid and buy their vehicles in online auctions—bid from anywhere, anytime. Our platform provides used cars from reputable manufacturers, European banks, leasing companies and fleet agencies. AutoNet has hundreds of satisfied clients and has become a key point for online vehicle auctions from Europe in the Balkans.

Crossplag™ is the most holistic tool for plagiarism checking.
We are dedicated to democratizing plagiarism checking while enabling users to have full ownership and control over their data.
Our Vision is to support individuals and institutions in upholding academic integrity and ensuring originality in their writings without language barriers.We support more than 100 languages and have archived more than 300 Million documents and more than 70 Billion web articles for comparison.

We bring to life entrepreneurial ideas. It is very important for us to help businesses distinguish from competitors and become more competitive. Software development can improve the client’s experiences, bring more feature-rich and innovative products to market, and make setups more safe, productive, and efficient. We also have created our own product called SenseCase which will digitalize how you measure body temperature.