Brokerage Event

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a
startup enthusiast, or a business professional
seeking growth opportunities, the Brokerage
Event provides the perfect setting to propel
your business forward.

The Brokerage Event serves as the bridge that

connects like-minded individuals and companies,

fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation,

and growth. It’s the ideal platform to discover new

business opportunities, forge strategic partnerships,

and expand your network within the global tech

community. Within the KosICT venue, you’ll find a

dedicated business lounge, a haven designed for

productive meetings and discussions.

This inviting space serves as the backdrop for face-to-face

interactions, allowing businesses to connect and engage in

valuable conversations that can shape their futures. But that’s not

all – our online B2B event, coordinated through our B2Match

platform, takes the networking experience to new heights.


International and local companies converge on this digital

platform, registering and scheduling their meetings during the

KosICT days. This seamless and efficient system ensures that

every moment counts, enabling participants to maximize their

networking potential.